Hair Care Products

We use only high-quality beauty Products--Enjoy, Pravana, Tigi Bedhead--Enjoy and Pravana are both Sulfate free which means they wont fade your color.  


All of our beauty products are available for purchase at our salon.


Create unbelievably smooth and silky hair with SULFATE FREE "Enjoy" products.  They lock in your color (with Color Sensor) and eliminate frizz without weighing your hair down. They contain Avocado Oils,  silk proteins, Soy Proteins, Keratin amino acids, Argan Oil and antioxidants.  Indulge yourself in an incredibly luxurious experience.


Pravana's shampoos and conditioners are infused with PRAVANA's proprietary  Naturceutical Complex™, comprised of botanicals known for their  therapeutic and healing properties, and teamed with three different  hydrolyzed proteins to enhance hair's strength, elasticity and shine  from the inside out. All Pravana Shampoos are sulfate, sulfite and  paraben-free. All Pravana hair care formulas are also free of cocamide  DEA and MEA, and contain no phthalates or other hazardous ingredients.  Pravana employs no animal testing.



Everyone loves Tigi Bedhead Styling Products.  From Curly Looks, To Sleek Looks, To Funky Short Styles BedHead has The Product For You.  The Smell Of These Products Literally Make Your Mouth Water!!